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About Us

Raw Power Music Publishing is an idea borne and integrated out of a lifetime of musical passion.


Mike Astins, Founder of Raw Power Music Publishing is working alongside the talented songwriter Jamie Reaume to provide a unique treasure-trove of songs that will inspire and assist you in the completion of any creative endeavor.


We are looking to work with artists, music supervisors, producers, and game developers who are interested in purchasing music for their projects.

Why Work with Us

We believe music comes from the heart and resonates deeply with audiences. Our vision is to bring heart to the business of music as well - where the craft of music is appreciated and fairly compensated.  We have a great sense of humour and love to collaborate on creative deals.


If you are looking for the perfect song for your creative project, performance, or recording, get in touch to check out our song vault or contact us for songwriting collaborations.


Mike Astins

Founder of Raw Power Music Publishing

After completing a degree in record production from Trebas Institute, I was set on a path towards production and publishing of music works. I was a performing artist and a booking agent from the late 80s to the early 2000s and those experiences allowed me to see the industry from two completely different perspectives. As the years went by, I steadily built up an incredible base of contacts and in early 2018 I met my business partner Jamie Reaume – he was armed with only an acoustic guitar and his performance left a room full of people in downtown Toronto with joyous smiles on their faces.


Many of my own musical influences were channeled through Jamie’s performance and shortly after that night, we began putting together the plans of what would soon become Raw Power Music Publishing.


Working with Jamie is a perfect match – both of us want to deliver a professional, authentic product and we are most serious about the craft of songwriting and song placement. To say the least, Jamie delivers on all his multi-genre compositions and

Raw Power Music will deliver on any project that we have an opportunity to contribute to.

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Jamie Reaume

Singer | Songwriter | Producer | Artist
Jamie uses over fifteen years of experience in music production to craft the perfect moment for your project.

Stylistically, I land somewhere between Nick Drake and Chris Cornell – with the use of the guitar as a foundational songwriting instrument along with the application of exotic tunings and melodically rich soundscapes. My songwriting can be intimate, cinematic, rootsy, catchy or even atmospheric – whatever serves the song.


I have worked on genres including; classic pop with horn arrangements, instrumental film music, catchy ukulele pop, electrofunk, country, alternative with string arrangements, hard rock, folk and mega rock ballads. No matter the genre, it is a very satisfying

feeling to take an idea from your head and capture it in the studio. To have the idea go through the other people in the room and to collaborate your way into an amazing musical moment is something that I cherish. I love thinking in pictures and colours, and conveying with melodies and chords.


Let’s write something incredible.

JAMIE REAUME singer songwriter

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